Coll Marrana

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It's time to stop (if there is no wind) and enjoy the Eastern Pyrenees.
We face the Freser basin in front of the Freser's top point in front of us, which is lowered below the cliffs of El Racó, where we find the refuge of Coma de Vaca below. The Coma de Vaca is also in this basin, but we do not see it directly. To the right, the summit of Bastiments (2,881 m) and following to the left, the peak of Freser (2,734 m), the one of the Gorgs (2,796 m) and behind the Pic de l'Infern (2,869 m). The Torreneules (2,731 m) takes the head to the back of the ridge facing us and closes this basin above the Coma de Vaca.
We are in the domain of alpine meadows. If you review with the binoculars the meadows, sooner or later you will find groups of chamois and even some small flock of mouflons. You can also surprise some fox, hare or hear the whistle of some marmot that warns of our presence.
In summer, meadows are the habitat of grey partridge (easier to hear than to see). Only in the most isolated places we can find some white partridge, which is very difficult to see due to its white plumage in winter and brown in summer. As the grouse (in forest areas), they are relict, very vulnerable species, in danger of extinction and isolated in the Alps and the Pyrenees from the removal of ice from the last glaciations.