Old Ulldeter's Refuge

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Located at 2,391 m altitude. It was the first mountain refuge kept from all the southern Pyrenean area. This makes it a historical and architectural reference in the construction of mountain refuges in our country.
It was inaugurated on July 25, 1909, designed by the modernist architect Jeroni Martorell commissioned by Cèsar August Torras, president of the Center Excursionista de Catalunya at that time.
Modernist style, covered with stone vault and mortar, without fire beams to avoid fires, following the example of some French refuges, a place was looked for that was free of avalanches. Taking into account the desolate place and the height in which it offered a certain degree of comfort and even had an air mail system with messenger pigeons. It had moisture problems everywhere. The cement did not fit well and, since there was no protective roof, the snow penetrated the cement and the blade, and it was necessary to waterproof it by adjusting and enquitranating the building,
During the war, maintenance was abandoned and in 1939 it ended up collapsing. There are some rubble with a commemorative plaque.