Hermitage of Santa Caterina

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Building of the Hermitage of Santa Caterina started in 1392 when three hermits left Montserrat owing to divisions with the Church. They decided they wanted to continue serving God in a solitary location and came to Montgrí where they settled. According to legend, the image of the saint had already been found in these lands and it remained hidden in a cave in the mountains during the period in which the Iberian Peninsula was under Moorish control. The Holy Spirit guided the hermits to Montgrí to find the Saint. The Saint is now in the Gothic chapel, forming part of a baroque altarpiece.

In the area around the Hermitage, you will find yourself surrounded by planted trees such as cypresses, almonds, olives, a few European nettle trees and other trees like Aleppo pines and holm oaks. Next to the hermitage are two ponds with water where frogs can be seen.