Carril bici al camí de Ronda de l'Escala. Parc Natural del Montgrí, Illes Medes i el Baix Ter.
Fonoll marí a la platja d'Empúries amb vistes al Cap de Creus. Parc Natural del Montgrí, Illes Medes i el Baix Ter.
Ànecs collverd al rec del Molí. Parc Natural del Montgrí, Illes Medes i el Baix Ter.
Masos fortificats a les Corts, l'Escala. Parc Natural del Montgrí, Illes Medes i el Baix Ter.
Camí de Ronda al Pedrigolet, l'Escala. Parc Natural del Montgrí, Illes Medes i el Baix Ter.
Torre de defensa al Mas Feliu, l'Escala. Parc Natural del Montgrí, Illes Medes i el Baix Ter.

Les Corts to Empúries route

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Fortified farmhouses, the Costa Brava and the Empordà plain

The most interesting parts of this family route in the municipality of l’Escala are: the Molí de l’Escala mill, the fortified farmhouses in the area of les Corts (Mas Feliu and Mas Torreportes), the views of the Empordà plain, the beaches of Empúries where you walk between dunes and pine forests, the views of Cap de Creus and the Canigó mountains, and the course of the Rec del Molí which flows into the sea.

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  • Typology
    Anti-clockwise circular
  • Difficulty
    For families
  • Duration
    1 hour 33 minutes
  • Slope
    30.00 meters
  • Distance
    5.42 km
  • Theme
    Flora and fauna
    Architecture and environment
  • Activity
    By foot
  • Rating

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Humankind and nature on the coast of l’Escala

The route starts in the car park next to the El Molí de l’Escala restaurant and heads towards the fortified farmhouses of Can Baix (Mas Feliu) and Can Noguera (Mas Torreportes) in les Corts, crossing the Muntanya Rodona and heading for the ruins of Santa Magdalena and Mas Astruc.

It then passes between old cultivated fields to the mountain of la Coma, close to the Catalunya-Empúries Archaeological Site, with views of the Empordà plain and the Pyrenees.

It then heads for the village of Sant Martí d’Empúries and, without entering it, takes the Passeig de les Platges d’Empúries, heading towards l’Escala. The trail passes alongside the beaches of Moll Grec, les Muscleres, el Portitxol and el Rec.

When the route reaches the Rec del Molí, it heads right, following the course of the channel, where you can see various species of birds and fish, all the way to the route’s starting point.



  • Most of the route follows trails, paths and the promenade.


  • Take water, especially in summer.
  • There are fountains in the built-up area.


  • Respect the surroundings; remember you are in a Natural Park.
  • Keep an eye out for bicycles on the bike track section.


  • Comfortable footwear suitable for walking.
  • Hat and sun cream to protect you from the sun.
  • Camera
  • Trekking poles.
  • Binoculars for birdwatching.


  • Avoid the middle of the day in the summer.

Other facilities

  • Area with picnic tables at Horts d’en Roure, next to Sant Martí d’Empúries.


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What to see in: Les Corts to Empúries route

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The Rec del Molí

Point of interest

​​​​​The Rec del Molí is a water channel of medieval origin which diverts the water of the river Ter from the Colomers dam. The main channel passes through several municipalities in the Baix Empordà...

The Greek city of Emporion

Point of interest

​​​​​“Emporion”, the Greek name for the city, means “shopping centre”, the purpose for which the city was built. It was initially located on a natural port on the old delta of the river Fluvià.



Point of interest

​​​​​Crithum maritimum

This plant, associated with rocky coastlines, is reminiscent of “land” fennel thanks to its aroma and its umbrella-shaped inflorescence. It is a halophile plant (adapted to...


Point of interest

​​​​​Cupressus semprevirens

You are in the Empúries high plain and can see two species from the cypress family. One is Cupressus semprevirens, the best known, which has a narrow elongated shape and...

Santa Magdalena

Point of interest

​​​​​Originating from the fifth century, these ruins were a Christian funeral site which a century later were converted into a chapel with a necropolis next to it. Subsequently, in around the eighth...

Llistonar meadows

Point of interest

​​​​​Brachypodium retusum

The dry meadows on both sides of the trail are called llistonar in Catalan. From an environmental perspective, llistonars are very important, as they fix soil very well in...

Land of pirates

Point of interest

​​​​​You are in the Muntanya Rodona, in the Masos de les Corts, specifically between Mas Feliu (Can Baix) on the left and Mas Torreportes (Can Noguera) on the right. Both have defence towers with a...

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Ruta molt bona! Tot i ser a ple sol no em pasat calor degut a l'aire que corria. Recomanem fer un bany a la cala del portixol que es troba a poc més de mig recorregut!
Passeig molt agradable vora el mar, de Sant Martí a la Escala,, però de tornada, vorejant les ruïnes d'Empúries, el camí s'improvissa, pq el oficial va per unes torres a l'altra banda de la carretera..

What to see in: Les Corts to Empúries route

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What to do in: Les Corts to Empúries route

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