Cala Calella

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You are now in Cala Calella, where two seasonal streams meet spilling into a small inlet of the sea with calm, clear waters.

The underwater flora of the Montgrí coast is of unquestionable value in the ecology of the entire marine ecosystem. The role of the algae on these seabeds is especially noteworthy; they play an important ecological part in the ecosystem. Among other roles, they are especially important as producers of organic material which provides food for herbivorous animals and ones that feed on detritus. The structures formed by these algae play a leading role in the formation of micro habitats, which are very important in providing protection, food and a place to breed for a wide variety of species.

The stock dove stands out among the birds that live on the cliffs around Cala Calella, living on the cliffs of the north face, which are full of small holes which it uses to make its nests.