Sant Martí de Fontanilles

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To complete the excursion, you are now facing the chapel of Sant Martí de Fontanilles.

This small church is of Romanesque origin and is listed in the Inventory of the Architectural Heritage of Catalonia. Despite its Romanesque origin, some elements from later eras can be seen, such as the bell gable with four openings for the bells from the baroque period or the whole building itself which was fortified and its height was doubled. The fortification of the buildings such as some churches or farmhouses in the area was done because of the pirate attacks which were frequent in the past. Its position on the highest point of the hill is for defensive reasons, and is characteristic of the majority of the towns and villages in the area, which were built on small rises to be ready for of attackers, even though around here the hills are not very tall.

Accompanied by the pigeons, sparrows and starlings which shelter in the old walls of the church, we hope you have enjoyed this route, which combines the nature and history of this land.