S’Agaró’s Viewpoint

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In the construction of S'Agaró Camí de Ronda many foreign rocks were used. The most abundant are travertines that come from quarries in the Banyoles area, in Pla de l'Estany, the so-called stone of Banyoles. We can recognize the walls of Senya Blanca, the steps, railings and pavements of the road and the columns of the Glorieta.

Travertines are sedimentary, very porous rocks, formed by the precipitation of calcium carbonate in fluvial areas, lakes and fountains. On some ashlars, the algal lamination of the rock can be recognized as well as small holes corresponding to plant stem molds.

This viewpoint, by Francesc Folguera and the square is the center of the Camí de Ronda and one of its most romantic points.