Mas de Montjoi de Baix

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(10th - 15th century / 16th - 17th century - Medieval and Early Modern Period)

The Montjoi valley has been populated since ancient times. First it was the Romans who settled here, probably in a villa that is believed to have been re-used to build the monastery of Madrigul and later, in the medieval and early modern period, this farmhouse was built, currently in very poor condition after the square tower that once stood here collapsed.

With regard to the farmhouse, it consisted of two distinct buildings that were separated by a tower, probably from an earlier period. In the house situated to the south, the older, the first floor was given over to the tenant farmers and on the ground floor there were rooms for agricultural work: the barn; sties, vegetable plots and an oil mill. The other building was built in 1883 and extended both the habitable section and the work areas. In front there was a covered area for the wine vats. Discovered in an inner wall, one can see an altar next to some shelves.

The surrounding areas are terraced and planted with olive trees, as well as almond, fig and carob trees (the two in front of the house are very pretty). The prickly pears were planted on the banks and were an addition. This abandoned agricultural space is much appreciated by wildlife as a place to find shelter and food.