Citadel of Roses

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(4th century BCE - 19th century)

Site of National Cultural Interest

The walk around the Citadel is a must for any visitor to Roses. Declared a historical-artistic complex in 1961, the Citadel brings together the remains of various occupations over the last thirteen centuries. The military fortification, with its monumental Porta de Mar, is an enclosure of 131,480 m2 built in the Renaissance style, in 1543.

Its interior is an important archaeological site where you will find:

  • The remains of the Hellenic district of the Greek colony of Rhode, a city which experienced its most prosperous moments during the 4th and 3rd centuries BCE.
  • the Roman villa, dating to between the second century BCE to the sixth century AD.
  • the Early Christian necropolis.
  • various buildings from the Visigothic period.
  • the Romanesque monastery of Santa Maria, from the 11th century, and remains of the medieval fortified city.
  • the remains of various military buildings from the last occupation of the sixteenth century.
  • the Museum which offers an immersive experience in the history and cultural heritage of Roses, from prehistory to the more recent period.
  • the Exhibition Hall


A guided tour of the Citadel provides a masterclass in history, concentrating on a unique area of seventeen hectares, offering a complete, well-informed and well signposted itinerary.

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