Roques al passeig marítim de Roses
Corbs marins al passeig marítim de Roses
Port de Roses

Roses seafront promenade

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Walking along the Gulf of Roses.

A family route that will allow us to walk or cycle along the seafront promenade of Roses, between the mouth of the Rio Grande and the Lighthouse of Roses.

Along this walk, we will uncover the little hidden treasures of the Gulf of Roses. We will discover, among others things,: the Citadel of Roses, the Port, the Trinitat Castle, the geologically interesting Faro headland, the Lighthouse of Roses, and with any luck, will be able to observe some seabirds basking on the rocks off the coast.

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  • Typology
  • Difficulty
    For families
  • Duration
    1 hour 19 minutes
  • Slope
    5.00 meters
  • Distance
    4.61 km
  • Theme
    Architecture and environment
  • Activity
    By foot
    By bike
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Walking around the Gulf of Roses.

The route begins next to the mouth of the Rio Grande on the Santa Margarida beach, and will cross the Bay of Roses heading north. The route runs along the whole seafront promenade of Roses and its beaches.

On Rastell Beach we will cross the Riera de la Trencada before coming very close to the Citadel of Roses where a visit to the Citadel and its Museum is a must.

A little further on and next to La Punta beach, we can see the Marina and the Fishermen's Wharf in Roses (ask for guided tours at the tourist office), where we can watch the daily activity.

After the port, Trinitat Castle comes into view, which can also be visited on guided tours, before we arrive at Roses Lighthouse, the final point on this fascinating walk.



  • The seafront promenade is entirely asphalted.
  • The itinerary is completely on the flat.


  • You will find water at various water fountains during the walk.


  • Watch out for other bicycles and pedestrians, and particularly for vehicles you may encounter in the parking areas.


  • In summer, take great care of the sun. Take sun protection and avoid the middle hours of the day.


  • Sun protection on summer days: sunglasses, cap and sunscreen.
  • Camera for the landscape.


  • You will find parks with shade and places to rest.

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What to see in: Roses seafront promenade

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Desembocadura de la Mugueta

Point of interest

La Mugueta és l'antic braç del riu la Muga que des de Castelló d'Empúries es dirigia a la badia de Roses. Aquest antic braç unia dos estanys pròxims a l'estany de Castelló. 

The Bay of Roses

Point of interest

The Bay of Roses is bounded to the north by the Punta de la Poncella (under Trinitat castle) and to the south by the mouth of the Mugueta river. The Lighthouse of Roses, on the Punta de la Bateria...

Citadel of Roses

Point of interest

(4th century BCE - 19th century)

Site of National Cultural Interest

The walk around the Citadel is a must for any visitor to Roses. Declared a historical-artistic complex in 1961, the Citadel brings...

Port de Roses

Point of interest

Apunteu-vos a les visites guiades del port de Roses, el primer en nombre de captures de la Costa Brava, coneixereu en directe la cultura marinera, els diferents sistemes i mètodes de pesca, les...

Trinitat Castle

Point of interest

Site of National Cultural Interest (16th century)

This military building, dating from 1544 (16th century), was built under the reign of Emperor Carlos I, as an essential complement to the Citadel. It...

Roses Lighthouse

Point of interest

Inaugurated on 1st September, 1864, the construction of the Lighthouse of Roses was part of a general lighting plan for the coasts and ports that was carried out during the reign of Isabel II.

Its was...

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What to see in: Roses seafront promenade

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What to do in: Roses seafront promenade

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