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The vegetal landscape has been transformed with time. We are currently in a stage of reforestation. That is, the forest is once again occupying the open spaces where man had favored fields or pastures.
At the height where we are now, the red pine forests and the oak groves were cut to get more grass for cattle. The meadows that you still see in the high parts of the mountain, Puig de les Agudes, 1,976m (foto), before was an extensive black pine forest.
Well, both up there and down here, we have less pressure on having cattle, the forest is returning to occupy the fields. But it is not done immediately. There is a succession of different types of vegetation up to the original forest.
The dry stone enclosures that you see next to the road are a sign that the vegetation that we now see: hazel and birch (white bark), is colonizing a space that previously had other uses.
In these stone walls, small ferns grow, like the red falzia and the fountain spleenwort.