Scots pine

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Have you noticed the change in vegetation?. The hazelnut of the former is replaced by scots pine forests. We are at the upper boundary of the "estatge montà" where the oak leaves its way to the scots pine forest. Some of these pine groves, which are located at lower levels, are planted for forest purposes, replacing the original oak barrels.
The lighted undercurrent, full of moss favors the presence of pyramidal orchids in spring and strawberries in summer. We find blueberry stains: a low deciduous shrub (20-40 cm) that remindsus of the myrtle and edible fruit about 6 mm and black when they are ripe. Leaves and fruits have traditional and pharmacological applications. We can also see rhododendron: taller, 0.5-1 m and persistent blossom, with beautiful fuchsia flowering in the months of June-August.
Both are typical of the shrub layer of sub-alpine black pine forests, although the rhododendron climbs higher than the blueberry and can form bushes without forest. Here we are now, it is the lowest part where we can find them.
On the edge of the road, strawberries and orchids abound. Note that, as we go down, deciduous forest gains presence. Trunks, birch trees and large leaf ash trees are the most abundant.