Garcia’s Paradolmen

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Along the itinerary we will see up to six paradolms. But, do you know the difference between a paradolmen and a dolmen on its own? The paradolmen, unlike the dolmen, is not properly a human construction, but it rather provides natural cavities, erratic blocks or the morphology of the existing terrain, although in some cases the human intervention has modified the final structure.

This remarkable example that we have in front of us, the paradolmen of Garcia, one of the best known in Catalonia, was identified by Agustí Garcia in 1974, and was studied by Esteve Fa i Tolsanes in 1979 and excavated by collaborators from Tossa de Mar’s Museum.

It is a more or less rectangular burial chamber taking advantage of an erratic block and the natural rock. The roof, at least artificially leveled, is later pierced with small blocks and a considerable dry-stone wall. The entrance would have to be a short corridor, a small gallery covered in a U shaped form. There are visible remains of the artificial mound that surrounded it.