Church of Santa Maria, Castle of Benedormiens and Museum of the Nina

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Monumental set of Benedormiens Castle and the Church of Santa Maria. The castle, already documented in the 11th century, entered decadence in the 15th century after the war. It has undergone successive reforms until its restoration on the 70s, which greatly modified the original aspect. It is currently a municipal exhibition hall. 

The Art Fund of the Castle of Benedormiens has a collection of art works resulting from the exhibitions that have been organized in the castle since 1983 till today. This fund has a valuable collection of works by artists such as: Pitxot, Cuixart, Subirachs, Grau-Garriga, Medina-Campeny ... and other artists with a very special link with the town such as Malaret, Vilaseca, Bea and Navarro Vives.