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We get closer to the fountain next to the “xaragall de l’Espinal” and we can feel the coolness and humidity of the environment.

We will pay attention to plants that live at the fountain; first and most striking is the grass or maidenhair Adiantum capillus-veneris, a common fern that hangs from walls with high humidity; also recognize the mosses; but we want to focus on one group of plants, the bryophytes, of small and undulated leaves, in this case it is a hepatic, the Pellia enviviifolia. What makes this type of plant peculiar is that they have been existing for 350 million years and have not evolved much. These plants have no roots, nor stems, not even leaves, which makes them totally dependent on the water that is above the ground.

Finally say that the name that the fountain receives is from the aspens found within the stream and can be distinguished from other trees by their bark and white underside of the leaves, hence the name aspen (àlber in Catalan).