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As you can see, where the path approaches the stream, the humidity increases and the hazel appears (photo). Shrub that sprouts strongly with straight trunks that serve to make canes (tender or soaked, it should be tied to a pillar and left for a few months). Leaves in the shape of a heart and rough when touched. At the end of October, when hazelnuts are mature enough, they fall to the ground and are collected. You can also harvest them from the tree when the covering that surrounds it is very brown.

The infusion leaves were used to lower fever, depurative, vasoconstrictors and tonic for the circulatory system; Applied on pads to help heal wounds.

On the hazel trees, we find the oak forest with groups of trunks. The evergreen buxus is still the dominant shrub. The leaves and fruits are toxic. The wood of the strain, very resistant and strong, was used for kitchen utensils (bowls, cups, spoons ...) or smoking pipes.

On the path, you will find boars of boar, where they made clay baths and thus deworm themselves. The forest, full of hazelnuts and acorns, is a great reservoir in the fall for food for them as well as for many other forest animals and birds.