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Another example of mid-European and Atlantic forest in our home are these beech trees that pass to the Pyrenean mountain range favored by the humid climate of the northeastern Catalan sector. (Vallespir, Ripollès, Berguedà, Garrotxa, Collsacabra and Guilleries to Montseny). Where we are, this vegetation is at its limit and alternates with another sub-Mediterranean climate drier, such as the oak that we will see just now, or even Mediterranean as the holm oak groves that are next to the village. A whole sample of environments.

The seasonal variation of the beech grove is of high landscape value and at the same time alters the growth of the under-forest. Normally very poor, the buxus appears when the beech is a mere substitute for oak in calcareous and less humid environments. We find, in addition to the buxus, species such as the hepatica, stinking hellebore, “viola bosque”, wood spurge or ivy.

Enjoy this thick shadow in the summer or the colors of leafs in autumn. If it's spring time, you'll see some little birds that come and go to the nest boxes, they're the neckerchiefs that make the nest; You will hear the rubbing of the thick gorse and the crackling scream of the gaige above the trees.