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This beech and the one hanging by the descendants of “Salut” towards the valley of “Hostoles”, clearly more humid, causes the buxus to disappear and appears just in some occasions. On the other hand, the soil is covered with leafs that, in the spring, is filled with herbaceous plants such as green hellebore, bison, witch garlic and squill where the moisture is higher.

On the thresholds of these beech and birch trees, hazelnuts and ash trees along with the bush and common heather where there is pasture.

The beech from the coasts of “La Salut” are larger. In autumn, mushrooms such as trumpets, “rossinyols” and cep are present. It is also in autumn when we can observe the migration of the bitter vesper that has raised these beech trees. The edible dormouse is a frequent habitant along with carnivores such as the less abundant beech marten such as roe deer.