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Sanctuary “de la Salut” (Sanctuary of Health), a viewpoint to “La Garrotxa”.

This route takes us to the north-east end of “Catllaràs” to the Sanctuary “de la Salut”, already on the lower “Garrotxa” where we will enjoy privileged views over “Serra de Finestres” with the “Puigsallança” or the “Coll d'en Bas”. We will cross different types of forests, with autumn’s beautiful images, until you reach an enchanted corner.


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  • Typology
    Time Circular
  • Difficulty
  • Duration
    5 hours
  • Slope
    450.00 meters
  • Distance
    17.60 km
  • Theme
    Flora and fauna
  • Activity
    By foot
    By bike
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Sanctuary “de la Salut” (Sanctuary of Health), a viewpoint to “La Garrotxa”.

We leave Rupit from the upper side and after seeing the “Ajats” cliffs and passing through “Mas Corriol”, surrounded by large ash trees, we arrive to “La Fontana2, where we will see several trees such as Indian chestnut, pines, lime trees and some large leaf oaks just in front of the entrance.

The red pine now dominates the forest with aquiline fern. We continue along the small ridge towards “Mas de Llorà”. Before the pastures that surround the farm, we cross a ‘young’ forest of oaks with buxus and ivy where you will find strawberries, sprinkled with some birch and some beech. The “Casassa” plain opens up to the plains of “Aiats”, “Mateus’” cliffs, “Sierra del Grau”, etc. Before the asphalt, we find white maples and hazelnuts.

When you reach “La Devesa”, we cross the road and observe the different vegetation on both sides. Oaks on one side and beech on the other. We enter the left track along the “Riera de Papalló” upwards. There are some very photogenic corners and we find plenty of baby frogs.

A young beech with buxus dominates, operated alternating with pasture meadows. It's easy to surprise some roe deer. We find a group of trees that look like fir trees, they are pies planted for forestal purposes.

From now on a slight climb will take us to the “Coll” lake. The forest will vary between oak, beech or birch depending on sun exposure and humidity. These birch trees seem to be favored by humans occupying the place of beech. The open pasture fields alternate with these young tree forests. The birch surrounding the pond is grazed below. This causes the shrub layer to be quite poor.

We hear the black wood peckers and see some forest raptors such as sparrow-hawk and buzzard vesper.

The “Coll” Lake, an old trough point for livestock, now recovered, can be seen in the water, the rushes around it and inside are representative amphibians such as the tritons or the red frog, where they find shelter.

Lets go now to the “Santuari de la Salud” where we will enjoy spectacular views of the canopy of beech trees; of the nearby valleys of “Hostoles” and “Bas”, as well as the southern mountain ranges of “La Garrotxa”.

We will cross the beech, we will feel the sensation of being lost until we return to the “Pla d’Armadans”, where along a path bordered by fields and under birches and oaks we will reach the corner of the "enchanted rocks". If the mist is present, magic is guaranteed.



  • It is advisable to do it in the fall, due to the great chromatic variety.
  • If you want to shorten the route for about 1 hour, you can drive to Devesa.
  • The path of “La Salud” up the ridge, crosses the beech grove and does not follow any path. Do not miss out on the experience. If not, we must undo the last section of the track to the “coll de l’Arç”.
  • In BTT the section of the beech forest, you will have to do it walking. It's short


  • You will not find fountains.
  • In “La Salut,” there is a restaurant and in La Devesa, too.


  • Do not lose your position and track the beech trees. It is easy to get disoriented.
  • Be mindful of the children alone around the Enchanted Rocks.


  • Avoid doing it in rainy season.
  • Ferns with fog are special but the views of “La Salut” will not be of interest, except if there are low fogs.



  • Walking poles will help you walk.
  • Easy terrain. Comfortable footwear
  • Camera and binoculars. If you go silently, you can surprise some roe deer grazing in the fields or see wildlife birds such as sparrow hawk or barley buzzard flying over the beech grove.
  • In BTT, the basic material to repair tires. Helmet and gloves.


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Mas Corriol

Point of interest

Masia dels segles XVI, XVIII-XIX, de planta rectangular coberta a dos vessants, amb el carener perpendicular a la façana, i amb dues torres que s’adossen a tramuntana i que estan cobertes de forma...

Pineda de pi roig

Point of interest

This red pine forest appears as a substitute for the dry wooded oak with boxwood, in places where it has been degraded by mankind. Normally they occupy the driest slopes, oriented to the south from...


Point of interest

The woody oak forests with boxwood are the dry oak barrels. They are’nt too dense and in the underbrush besides the buxus, we find the bush with redoul, hawthorn, wayfarer, dogwood and some hazelnut...

Riera de Papalló

Point of interest

Nice stream stretch accompanied by beech groves and buxus. Ponds and corners of muddy waters are a good place for amphibians. Downstream takes more interest and becomes the stream of the “Om”, until...

Fageda amb boix

Point of interest

We are scratching the 1000 meters of height. At the bottom “Coma Serra” of torrent, the mountain is above us, we find buxus accompanying the beech groves. The greater humidity of the torrents, favors...

Estany del Coll

Point of interest

At the beginning of the last century it was the most important water point for farmhouses’ cattle of Rupit and Pruit. Towards the second half of the twentieth century, it was filled with land and...

El bedollar

Point of interest

We have seen different birch scraps. Perhaps this one that is at “Coll de l'Arç”, is one of the most beautiful landscapes. Its distribution seems to be the result of an English gardening project.



Point of interest

This beech and the one hanging by the descendants of “Salut” towards the valley of “Hostoles”, clearly more humid, causes the buxus to disappear and appears just in some occasions. On the other hand...

Santuari de la Salut

Point of interest

We enjoy the views to the north of the Puigmal until the Canigó. Below the valley of Hostoles with “Sant Feliu de Pallerols and the plain of Bas. We are on the eastern edge of the Collsacabra plateau...

Roques encantades

Point of interest

Quiet and pleasant corner where suddenly large blocks, formed by cemented sand from the bottom of the sea some 55 million years ago, mix in between the buxus. They are lined with mosses and ferns...

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What to see in: Rupit - Santuari de la Salut

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What to do in: Rupit - Santuari de la Salut

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