Mirador del Vent. Sant Cugat.


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This unique viewing point allows you to see the Collserola mountain range, the Tibidabo, Montserrat, the Vallès Occidental, the Galliners mountain range and the Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac Natural Park.

You can engage with sculptures that represent the most typical and characteristic winds of the country. If you align yourself with the two-parted letters of each sculpture, you are oriented towards the winds embodied by the sculptures.

Starting north with the Tramuntana and following a clockwise direction, you will be blown by the Gregale, Llevant, Sirocco, Migjorn, Garbí, Ponent and Mistral.

"The sculpture has been designed to blend in with particular conditions found at the top of the hill in Can Mates Park. Here, you have a 360 degrees perspective. The intention is to showcase the eight main winds of the area.

During the design phase, I have been very careful about the originality of the project. Being original means being faithful to the genesis of things. And since it is the only place in Sant Cugat with a full horizon, I had to reflect on this.

The sculpture consists of a set of sixteen elements paired together. The two elements of each group forms, one in positive and the other in negative, the initial letter of the wind. When a person observes the two complementary parts correctly, it will coincide with the direction of the indicated wind.

The installation invites people to enjoy the hill in a different manner, especially the young public. All sculptural elements have a suitable height to benefit everybody. The piece wants to shed a light on the existing geography and the magnitude of what surrounds the person who accesses the sculpture. "

Pep Codó, March 2017