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In this space in the northern sector of the monastery gardens, the wall that ran through the area has been replaced by a strip of ivory bush cut into topiary, to remember where the old wall passed through.

From this space next to the Casa de Cultura, we highlight the presence of a group of elm (Ulmus minor) specimens, some of them high up to 14 metersClàudia Anaya Balañà

 high.meters. The seeds of these specimens come from a large elm tree in a private garden on Carrer Orient on the corner of Passeig Francesc Macià in Barcelona.

Of the Eelm we can say that its wood is very resistant to rot if kept moist, so it was widely used in shipbuilding, mines, wells, and was also a preferred element to makefor making water pipes.

The viscous substance that secretes the bark of the tender twigs, beaten with water, was considered one of the best burn remedies for burns.

The leaves were used as winter fodder for livestock in times of scarcity.