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Located in the torrent of Ferrussons’ torrent, and around the farmhouse of Can Magí, this park with a fresh riverside atmosphere, was once surrounded by vineyards and some fruit trees that were part of the lands of the farmhouse of Can Magí.

In the part closest area to the torrent we find the avenue, with an undergrowth of vinca, ivy and ponytail. AlongIn the channel canal and alsoand very close to the torrent, occupying the coolest parts, we still find some specimens of oak, original occupants of these spaces.

A little further from the torrent and in the sun’s most exposed parts, most exposed to the sun was the oak was the dominant tree, but with the arrival of the crops, they were disappearing, to give way once abandoned crops to the introduction of white pine with the aim to make a quick profit from your their wood.

During the twentieth century, until almost the 70's, it was typical to make excursions trips here for snacks and on “Ash Wednesday” to bury the sardine.

This space suffered from urban pressure, but thanks to the opposition of the Mountain Club and the residents, this idyllic space has been preserved.