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This meadow, long ago, was a black pine forest. The forest and cattle uses transformed it into a meadow. For this reason, when the pressure drops or the uses disappear, the scrubs of juniper and some young black pine try to occupy the space again.
These open spaces are areas that are easy to observe when birds find seeds and insects to eat.
We emphasize the dog rose. Its scientific name, Rosa canina, already tells us some characteristic of them. Stomach stalks reminiscent of dogs' tusks, hence their name in Latin.
The fruit of the dog rose (foto) has an astringent, antidiarrheal and diuretic effect. It is a vitamin, it also provides vitamin C. It also activates blood circulation and is a good capillary protector. The flowers confer a smooth laxative action and improves the general tonic. And finally, the leaves act as good healing in external use.