Camprodon Valley

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Now, stop in the middle of the descent to enjoy the valley, its villages and the nearby reliefs.
In front of it, on the rock's cliff, the town of La Roca de Pelanca; Further down Llanars and at the bottom Camprodon. (foto)
We see the northern ranges of the Alta Garrotxa, on top of Camprodon. The hill of Sant Antoni (1322m) and the whole mountain that goes to Beget. The valley that goes to the right of Camprodon goes to Molló and Coll d'Ares.
To our right, Puig Ventós and the landscape that we commented before: alternating meadows with birches, aspen, ash trees, cherries splashed with flowers in spring, and at costers the beech groves. A chromatic show in the fall. Behind these hills, the Serra Cavallera and, in the sky, there is probably some bundle of vultures following it looking for a corpse.