Moss Path (Camí de la Molsa)

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A beautiful path that, because of the "walls" that we find above and below, suggest that it had to be traveled thrugh long ago. These shady and humid walls serve as a support for the ferns we mentioned at the beginning of the route: polypody (foto) and evergreen perennial fern. The humidity of the place becomes evident in the abundance of moss. The hairs enchant the earth as we saw before in the hazelnut's shade. Here, as before, hazelnuts, ashs and aspens appear, but now birch trees are added and in some places, we can even find some European beech.
From time to time, view points let us see the river, the meadows and even the house of Ca n'Huguet and El Serradell. Behind it, the hill of Les Agudes (1976m) and the Pyrenees between the Bastiments and the Costabona to the bottom.
Polypodium cambricum, has a root where the leaves are coming out: it is called rhizome. It has a sweet taste that reminds us of licorice. Traditionally it has been used as a laxative due to its content of a glucose called lycopodyne.