Griffon vulture

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We find ourselves in the Pla de Sinan, and in these open spaces, we can very easily see specimens of common vulture (foto), usually forming groups and flying over the airspace looking for corpses of dead animals. We emphasize the great spread of these birds, one of the largest in the peninsula.
As a differentiating feature with other bird species, there is a shortage of feathers in the head and neck, a characteristic that makes it easier to introduce these parts of the body to the corpses and to be able to clean the blood without difficulty.
Other species of birds of prey that you can observe in the area of the Natural Park of the Capçaleres del Ter and Freser are: the vesper whistle, the marcello eagle, the golden eagle, the bearded vulture, the royal kite, the eagle paved and the peregrine falcon.
foto: Calo Bescós.