Plates, hoses and cattle

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Cattle, was and continues today to be a first-rate economic resource in these mountain villages. Before the animals were not only to produce meat or milk (cows, sheep, goats), they also served to work on crops (bulls, alder, mules) or load and stretch forest by-products.
Today, cows and horses are the main ones and the goal is the production of meat of colts and calves
In the meadows below to the left, we see a fold with a hose. Plots are spaces for the concentration of cattle with different purposes: feeding them, marking them, health treatments, etc. They can be closed with a metal structure where you can add a hose (corridor). The Molló Town Council in improvements to cattle infrastructures has acquired the structures to have a mobile cattle hose. This hose serves the cattle farmers to choose cattle that are free in the mountain or for example during the "Tria de Mulats" in Espinavell, as well as the subsequent loading for their transport.
Spring and summer remain in the communal natural meadows of the high mountains and the grasslands of the surrounding villages. When arriving in winter, they descend to warmer places on the plain of Lleida. Transhumance is done with trucks.
A little further down we saw signs of: partridge reintroduction zone. (We talked about meadows and pastures)