Santa Magdalena a Molló. Parc Natural Capçaleres del Ter i del Freser
Mont del Llor i Serra Bestraca sobre Camprodon. Parc Natural Capçaleres del Ter i del Freser
Molló direcció Coll d'Ares. Parc Natural Capçaleres del Ter i del Freser

Itinerary 18. Road from Mollo to Sta Madalena

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Watchtower on l'Alta Garrotxa and the Pirineus.

This path goes towards the ridges that separate us from the valley of the River Ter. We will wrap the Torrent de la Font Vella between pastures and thunderous crops, going up to the Oratory of Sta. Magdalena, where we will enjoy the north of the peasant high mountain of the Pyrenees and to the south, of the forested average mountain of Alta Garrotxa.

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  • Typology
    Time Circular
  • Difficulty
  • Duration
    2 hours
  • Slope
    280.00 meters
  • Distance
    3.70 km
  • Theme
    Flora and fauna
  • Activity
    By foot
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Watchtower on l'Alta Garrotxa and the Pirineus.

We leave the parking lot next to the church of San Sebastián.
We enter the village to descend to the lawns of the Vella fountain (font Vella). This will be the torrent that we will first climb up to the oratory and after start the descent.
We leave the village along the neighborhood of Favars, very different from how it should have been years ago. The path goes straight up following the GR 11 that goes to Setcases. It is the old cattle way that linked these areas.
The forest is set in the depths of the torrents and surrounds fields of crops and grassland until reaching the detour of the Mas de Can Pletis at 1300 meters height. Along the way up the views go to the sides: on the west, the Serra Cavallera and the Taga; to the east towards the Coll d'Ares and, if we turn looking down, the northern mountain ranges of the Alta Garrotxa on top of Camprodon.
From the departure of Can Pletis, the fields of grass are replaced by pasture meadows of high mountains and begin to see the Pyrenees and the French mountains of Espinavell, in the direction of Coll d'Ares.
Next to Santa Magdalena's oratory, it's worth to see 360º panoromic views and, and if the weather lets you do it, you'll enjoy it a lot. You will see the path that runs towards Setcases below the Puig de Sistra (1989 m) along the Coll de Lliens.

We walk down by the ridge that borders the other side of the torrent of the Vella fountain (Font Vella), direction to Can Pletis. We follow the yellow striped trail, surrounded by meadows and probably cattle. We will see fields full of potato plants, the town below us with the emerging bell tower of Santa Cecília de Molló, the valley that goes to the Coll d'Ares and the whole mountain range of the Alta Garrotxa as a backdrop, upholstered by deciduous forests.




Easy and obvious
Strong uphill climb all the first half until the oratory of Santa Magdalena.
Second half descent to Molló.
We will find GR signals (white and red) and Itinerànnia (yellow). Always follow the track.


Fountains in the village and Can Pletis.


You must be used to walking.
Stop to rest and contemplate the landscape
Respect private property: fields, cattle.
Leave beef yarns closed.
The route is very exposed to wind.


Check the forecast. The weather in the mountains changes very quickly.
The road is exposed: wind, sun, ...
Avoid doing it in rusty days and with little visibility. (fog, ..)


Easy track
Some slightly rocky slope stretch.


Suitable clothing at the time of year and the particular day (wind, ...).
Sun protection in summer: there is no shadow.
Trees can strengthen the trek and help climb.
Comfortable footwear
Binoculars and camera.
Map to place nearby reliefs.


Various explanatory panels for people on various topics: Transhumància, Espai Memòria,…
Maps with heritage elements to visit Molló
Church of Santa Cecilia de Mollo.
Stroll through the streets of the village.

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What to see in: Itinerary 18. Road from Mollo to Sta Madalena

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The fountain Font Vella

Point of interest
This square and the image of the street of the same name, together with the washing machines, "the cage" (la gàbia) to iron cows and oxen when they were used to plow and had to have some good "tires"

L'Alta Garrotxa

Point of interest
We are in the neighborhood of Favars, probably very different due to the urban transformation, result of the new times: depopulation of the active population or the increase of second residences,

Cattle path to Setcases

Point of interest
This is the route of the GR11 that goes through the Pyrenees from sea to sea. Take advantage of the old cattle path that communicates with Setcases (12.5 km; 4 h 10 ') passing under the

Meadows, pastures and crops

Point of interest
As you see on both sides of the road and in all this part of the Puig de Sant Joan, the drought meadows are the main crop. The forest we see before Alta Garrotxa here has disappeared to leave the

Santa Magdalena

Point of interest
On this rock, on July 22 a misa is celebrated in Santa Magdalena, patron of the neighborhood of Favars.
The GR (track) walks towards the pine forests of pine and black pine that you see in the north

Plates, hoses and cattle

Point of interest
Cattle, was and continues today to be a first-rate economic resource in these mountain villages. Before the animals were not only to produce meat or milk (cows, sheep, goats), they also served to work


Point of interest
The landscape that we have seen and now see reminds us of high mountain lands, in the subalpine and alpine states, but nothing further from reality. We should climb to the height of Puig Moscós (1740m

Molló and potato plants

Point of interest
The worked on fields in winter, or with a plant that is not grass for cattle, are patato plants.
The potatoes, a result of the subsistence economy of the villages of the valley, has been promoted as

Santa Cecília de Molló

Point of interest
Now on the left you will see the bell tower. If you turn to the next street, you can go visit it if you have not already done so. Or maybe better after recovering forces with a good meal.
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What to see in: Itinerary 18. Road from Mollo to Sta Madalena

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What to do in: Itinerary 18. Road from Mollo to Sta Madalena

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