Santa Magdalena

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On this rock, on July 22 a misa is celebrated in Santa Magdalena, patron of the neighborhood of Favars.
The GR (track) walks towards the pine forests of pine and black pine that you see in the north, on the side of the hill of Sant Joan (1648 m) and continues towards the hills behind, the tallest, the Puig Moscos (1740 m) to go for the "coll de Lliens" that jumps towards the valley of Ter, on top of Setcases. Behind the Puig Moscos there is Puig de Sistra (1989 m) and the Costabona (2465 m). On the right side of the Costabona, the whole mountain range started off with France, which descends to Coll d'Ares over Espinavell. To the south, the views fall into the Alta Garrotxa and the Empordà plain.
We are in a good place to observe birds of prey such as the Golden Eagle, the Buzzard and the Kestrel, the smallest of all, which usually stops at a stationary flight, like a helicopter, while hunting mice and lizards. In summer, we can see a pointy eagle with some snake or lizard hanging from the claws, just hunted.
The land is full of carlocks or cardigans. These stars are on the ground, of the "card" family. The dried flower hangs from the doors of houses to hide from witches or as an indicator of the environmental humidity and thus make a forecast of time.
The holes in the back of the rock, are a good refuge if the wind blows. Inside, the beautiful rusty schist on the ferns, known as red falcons, grow.