European badger 

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Meles meles
Right here on the path and to the right-hand side of the track, we have found a small hole in the ground about 20 cm in diameter with feces inside, it is a badger latrine, which digs near the bagder cave.
The European Badger is an animal typical of forests and difficult to see due to its nocturnal habits, which is why we can hardly see it in the light of day.
They are great excavators, he digs with the front legs and ejects the soil with the back legs. It makes great caves with several "rooms" and different entrances and exits, constructing after the authentic labyrinths years where they spend most hours at winter and when the sun shines.
The scientific name of the species (Meles meles) comes from their love to honey and bees. It is an omnivorous animal and also feeds on insects, small mammals, reptiles, fruit, roots…
Photo by: Peter Trimming