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Salix elaeagnos subsp. angustifolia
One of the vegetal species that is comfortable in this atmosphere inside the torrent is the twilight (foto), receives 3 names in catalan; sarguera, sarguer o sàlic, forming even "small sargueres", which is groups forming some extensions of it.
The twilight is a shallow deciduous shrub that can reach 6 meters high, which grows in the bushes near the rivers and streams, with linear, narrow and revolute leaves, that is, in rolled margins towards the reverse, as with the rosemary and other species that support long droughts. Therefore, contrary to what might seem because we always find it near rivers and streams, it is a plant adapted to dryness, since its rocky soil retains little water especially in times of lower rainfall.
Although the branches of its brother, the white willow, or the well-known ones directly by twilight are preferable, often, as in many of the species of the Salix genus, their flexible branches have been used to make baskets and other similar objects.