Ruta de Espinavell a Coll Pregon.  P. N. de Capçaleres del Ter i del Freser

Highland pastures

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We are in the plans of the Modoló. In front we have the neck of Clapa.
The felling of the black pine forest gives way to these highland pastures where the herds are staying from June until October, when they descend to the valley for the winter and feed on the duck hay in the meadows.
These pastures are permanently secured by cattle pressure, but other fauna benefit from these open spaces.
It is the territory of partridge partridge (foto), of hares and also of chamois that come down to graze here when the grass turns yellow. The ridge of the lower mountain range is called La Perdiu. Flocks of striking greas or the silent grives, among other insectivorous and granivorous birds, graze on these meadows in search of food. The golden eagle finds an open space where he can hare.
In the meadows besides mountain saffron, mushrooms are also made, such as "carreretes" and "moixernons".