Ruta de Espinavell a Coll Pregon.  P. N. de Capçaleres del Ter i del Freser
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Surrounded by communal pastures, we enjoy a spectacular mountain landscape.
To the north the imposing Canigó massif. Turning to the west, the summit of the Costabona in the foreground and following the ridge line we find the Pic de la Dona, the Bastiments and the Noufonts to the Puigmal. All the northern strip of the Natural Park of the Heads of the Teri del Freser.
If we descend to the Vallespir, in 20 minutes we will reach the Torre de Mir. (13th century) and its viewpoint on the Canigó massif and the Prats de Molló valley.
We follow the ridge as if we were going to the Coll d'Ares, around the head of the Dous de Fabert.
These ponds are no doubt a good trough for cattle and wildlife. The water from these ponds, nitrified by the excrement of cattle, conditions the development of flora and amphibians typical of mountain potamolls.