The mill of Bellcaire

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To finish off, stop to enjoy one last architectural element, the old mill of Bellcaire.

This old grain mill used the power of the water to grind grain, mainly wheat but also other grains. The water supplying it comes from the Rec del Molí, which is named after it. We previously followed this Rec del Molí for a good while almost without paying it much attention, but it deserves it as while passing along it we find many mills which are currently abandoned and it is the main axis of the large irrigation system of the area. Although it brings water from the Ter, it ends up flowing into the sea in the Alt Empordà, specifically at the beach of the Rec del Molí in l’Escala.

The mill has medieval origins and in recent years it was used for generating electricity. Now it only has the memory and the pond and the public lavoir which give the street a beautiful appearance.