The Eurasian eagle owl

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​​​​​Bubo bubo

Although it is hard to spot thanks to its nocturnal habits, you are in an area frequented by this nocturnal bird of prey, the largest in the world. It usually makes its nest taking advantage of holes in trees or cliffs like the ones next to you.

It has extraordinary hearing which enables it to detect a mouse running through the woods at a distance of 100 metres and enables it to catch it without needing to see it. It is a secretive bird of prey, with thick rounded feathers that enable it to fly in silence, and the colours of its plumage enable it to blend into the background vegetation. 

It eats small mammals such as rats, shrews and rabbits, but thanks to its extraordinary strength it can also hunt hares, squirrels, ducks, weasels and other diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey.