The Can Causa plain

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Beautiful places between Puig Alt and Puig de l'Àliga, with the Can Caussa farm in the background. You will cross dry stone walls, enclosures to delimit fields and property. Even now, we find herders and more modern livestock enclosures.

We should think of these farms as being self-sufficient. The forest (holm oaks), the crops (vine and olive) plus the farms own livestock or those raised on the plains, were goods for their own consumption or were exchanged for other goods, such as grain. Together, all of these scattered farms were responsible for maintaining the agricultural landscape, which has now disappeared.

The farm, completely in ruins, is classified as a Site of Local Cultural Interest and is dated to the 17th - 19th century. It is unusual in that the main building was covered with a double sloping roof. It is made up of numerous areas that form a very complex floor plan. The eastern section is occupied by spaces probably destined for agricultural use. Here the bedrock rises to the surface and was used to support walls and arches. The front of the farm on this side preserves an open space delimited by a low wall, which retains a magnificent slab pavement. Some 500 m to the south there is a spring.

The meadows here are again a good place to enjoy goldfinches, linnets and ortolan buntings.