Warden’s Lodge

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​​​​​​Located at the most westerly point of the arête of the Coll de les Sorres (pass of the sands), is the sand warden’s lodge.

The reason it exists is that there is a group of inland dunes between the Montplà and the Torre Moratxa which come from the Gulf of Roses. They formed from the sand deposited by the rivers Fluvià, Muga and Ter in the gulf of Roses and the way this sand was moved and piled up by the tramuntana wind.

The dunes used to advance by 4 or 5 metres a year and during the work to stabilise them this forest lodge was built for the guard to inhabit.

Close to this lodge was a nursery for the plants used to stabilise the dunes. Grasses and shrubs were planted first to stabilise the ground, then forest species were introduced such as the Aleppo pine and the stone pine.