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Its story takes us back many years ago, according to tradition, the fountain was discovered by accident. When a child fell in a well, his mother went down to rescue him and when rescued, she was dizzy because of gas inhalation. It was due to this fact that it was discovered that the water in question contains carbon dioxide and had a spicy taste.

This place is a landmark of the town where people of all the region concur to make walks and spend their leisure time, enjoying its spicy water with typical anise.

The mineral and medicinal waters discovered in the mid-nineteenth century, lead to the construction of the Prats Spa. In 1900, the path to the fountain and the park that surrounds it were built. And, where the spa was, the chalet and the bottling plant owned by Manantial Burriach were built, which would be fully functioning till 1976. After the fountain fell into neglection until the town hall bought it in the early twenty-first century and later restored it, being now a very visited public park.