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The road “Parpers” is a National Cultural Interest. The road runs between the “Parpers” neck to “Bell Racó’s” property, near the stream of Pines, with a distance of approximately one kilometre. The remains preserved today are sections of the side walls, cross drains, wheel keepers, spurs and a bridge.

Although the classic historiography has assigned a Roman origin, since the discovery of the project and the building plan in 1770, which is preserved in the Museum- Archive of “Santa Maria de Mataró”, and due to the new lines technical analysis interpretation and structure of public Roman work, no one questions today that it is a building from the late eighteenth century.

The work was initially budgeted in 2100 Catalan pounds, plus 200 in compensation for the expropriation of farmers’ lands, but soon realize that the real cost exceeds 19,000 pounds, and in October 1772, construction is stopped due to a lack of resources.

The construction of the road is made by order of the Real and Supreme Council of Castile, the main power structure of the Spanish monarchy, which serves the request from various Mataró employers on improving the transport of goods between Maresme and the Vallès.