Hazel and aspen

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We are at the mounted hillside, along the rivers, streams and holes, cool environments, dominate the deciduous forest.
In this route, the most representative plants are the hazel, ash, the aspen and birch. Of these, the aspen has the most beautiful colors in autumn (foto).
The leaves with a long petiole, move with the wind  and they seem to shake. In autumn, the leaves take an orange and red color that contrasts with the bright bark. It is a tree of the poplar family, which doesn't create forests, but small coteries.
The hazel is more abundant and it accompanies us on the foot of the walls to the side of the road, bordering the fields and, although it does not make forests, when mixed with the ash, they extend with some dominance. Hazelnuts, when ripe, fall to the ground and a it's a good moment to collect them. Every 2-3 years they do a good production. The tea leaves have depurative and vasoconstrictor properties.