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Cinclus cinclus
Also known as "Aigüerola" or "Merla Vídua" in Catalan. Is an aquatic bird that is waterproofed by a layer of fat. They have a dense plumage that is waterproofed and lubricated with secretions of a gland called uropigial located in the carpus, like ducks. It is a species so adapted to the water, that can close the nasal and auditory openings when swallowing, and even see below the water thanks to the flat surface of its eyes (as if it wear swimming goggles to dive).
They live in high courses of rivers, streams which are calm and clean, as it is the case where we are. You can find it by inspecting the stones of the channel, and even leaving the water, in its constant search of larvae and water insects. They are usually sedentary, although they can make small migratory journeys fleeing from the cold winter.
They build a spherical nest with moss and dry leaves near the water, taking advantage of bridges, mills, and rocks near the water, and even behind the waterfalls where the nest is very protected.
As a curiosity, White-throated dippers learn to dive and walk, before learning how to fly.
Photo by: Alun Williams333