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Going down the alley you leave an unpaved road that reaches the Collada Verda going through the Pla de la Jaça (less transited than the track we have found when you turn towards the town). At this point you connect to the other valley of El Ripollès, the Ribes Valley. Also, once up Coll de Pal we will be able to jump from Serra Cavallera to Ogassa.
Between the village of Abella and the green hill you can see the remains of what the Antimoni d'Abella mines have been for years, which, as in the rest of the region, are no longer exploited, but they have been active. Now, the entrance of the mines remains, as a matter of fact, for security reasons it is not advisable to enter.
Opposite we have the Sierra de Cavallera obacus that falls on Camprodon and, at an average height of the slope, the Puques de Furgat (1302m) and to the left the pyramid Puig Ventós (1246m).
The landscape is a beautiful mosaic (foto): where the relief is softer, you can see the grassland surrounded by forest strips that we already know; where it is more straightforward, under the hills, the forest dominates completely and appear beech groves.
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