The Cherry

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Finally a view point where you can see the town of Vilallonga with the Puig de les Agudes on it and, deep down, the sector of the Concròs between the Costabona and Gra de Fajol.
We discover that not everything is forest but we are surrounded by meadows. From now on, it will become clear and increasingly abundant to tie up with the pastures above all.
As we said at the beginning, the original forests were cut: either to reforest with more productive trees or to get areas of meadows to grow grass for cattle.
On the edge of the field, there are hazelnuts, ash trees and where we are today, many wild cherry trees. It is a tree accompanying the forests of deciduous trees and it comes out in isolation or in small clusters.
In the autumn they take very visible red colors (foto). In the spring, they bloom before the leaves come out and it is also a spectacle to see how the woods that begin to make leaves disappear. The leaves differ because at the base, next to the tail, there are two protuberances of reddish color.
Cherries, little ones, are edible, and they know well the birds of the forest: eurasian jay, common black birds, great tit...