Pelancà's The Rock 

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Don't stay here, enter the old town. To the right, Pelanca's shoreline with a beautiful willow forest that, upstream brings us to Collada Verda.
Raised village, sheltered from what was the "Castell dalt de la roca" (remains). The group of houses that make up it are staggered and attached to the rocky hill, from where the Church of the Virgin of Mercy can be appreciated, a building of Romanesque origin (from the mid-12th century) that, already which has been reformed more than once. La Roca is characterized as a cultural asset of national interest. You breathe a medieval air as we walk through its alleys.
In the 14th century, the castle of La Roca had the best defense conditions in the area. At that time belonged to the Desbac family. The good conditions favored that John II, during the war of remences, established the captain's castle. Together with the castle of Camprodon they formed a good place to control and protect throughout the region.
In the 15th century, the captainships were abolished by King Fernando the Catholic. After a few centuries, in 1843 belonged to Josep Domingo, shopkeeper of Vic who bought it from the Descatllar. Finally the lordship disappeared definitively with the state expropriation in 1854.
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