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Ulmus minor
At this point on the route, next to the dry stone wall, we find some specimens of trees.
Om is a tree that likes fresh and deep soils, and can reach 25-30 meters in height. This species is very affected by an epidemic called graffiti, caused by a fungus transmitted by beetles. The disease is very active, especially in the larger specimens, now difficult to see.
Its wood is very resistant to rotting if it is kept moist, which is why it was widely used in shipbuilding, mines, wells, and it was also the preferred way to conduct water.
The viscose substance that secretes the crust of the tender twigs, beaten with water, was considered one of the best remedies for burns.
The leaves were used as a winter forage for livestock in times of scarcity.
Colonel fountain
The name that received the original water source, before building the fountain that we now see, was the Monell fountain.
The construction of the current stone structure was carried out by the inhabitant of the house of Queralbs, Can Coronel. This house was named as Can Coronel, because the old owner of the house was the commander of Miquelets de la Vall de Ribes (formerly concealed army of Catalonia).