Ruta de Espinavell a Coll Pregon.  P. N. de Capçaleres del Ter i del Freser

Forest Management

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Do you notice anything strange in the pine forests around us? They are of black pine although there is also some red pine.
Black pine can reach up to 2,300 m, depending on many factors: the orientation, the hardness of the wind or the cold, the humidity and the evaporation of the sun, but above all the action of man.
We are in the Coll de Prats at 1,600 m and we see that there can be many or none. If you have noticed, in the French part there are higher places which still have forest. It also captures the attention that their distribution, the geometries of the plantation and the dimensions of the trees do not correspond with a natural forest. It is evident that man's hand, both cutting them first to support pastures, and then reinforcing them to regain forest habitats, is present.
This is forest management, and although it may not seem so to us, the different actions respond to established goals to improve the biodiversity and the structure of the forest, always thinking that there must be an economic return for the people of the territory.