Port del Falaguer

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This is the lowest part of the gully of el Falaguer, which leads to the sea. In these lower areas which are very close to the sea, the scarce vegetation is predominantly halophile (adapted to the presence of salt). 

Limonium, wild carrot, devil’s thorn and above all samphire, which we will discuss a little, stand out among the most common salt-loving plants in the area.

Samphire, or sea fennel (Chritmum maritimum), is perhaps the most common plant in this environment. This plant, with a similar flavour to fennel, is edible. It prevents scurvy because it contains vitamin C and so sailors in the past used it on long voyages. It is eaten in salads, as a cooked vegetable, pickled in vinegar and also for making sauces. 

IMPORTANT: Don not pick it; remember you are in a natural park.