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We are now in the hill square, surrounded by splendid specimens of the main shrubs that have accompanied us along the walk. Heather, (Erica Arbore), a shrub with persistent leaves, dark green in colour and small. It can grow up to 4m tall. It can be found in acid soils, in cork oak groves that have suffered alterations. Its wood is very hard and makes very good coal. After being slowly dried, its roots can be made into very fine tobacco pipes. It is currently dried and worked to make fences and visual screens.

Juniper (Juniperus Oxycedrus), also with persistent leaves which are light green, with two white stripes on the back and small and pointy. It can grow up to 7m tall. It adapts to all types of terrain, preferably on sunny slopes. The wood is aromatic, easy to work with and rot-resistant. An oil with antiseptic properties is obtained by distilling the wood (the heart of the thickest trunks).

The Strawberry Tree: (Arbutus Unedo), this shrub or small tree can grow up to 10m tall and has persistent, lance-shaped leaves up to 10cm long with fine-toothed edges. It is known for its fruit. It bears berries that are red when ripe, about 2 cm in diameter and sweet-tasting. They flower in autumn, when the fruit from the previous year ripens. Like heather, it grows in holm oak groves that have suffered degradation, in all types of soil. Unedo means "only eat one" referring to not eating too many of the fruits as they can give you a stomach ache. In the past they were fermented to make alcoholic drinks. The wood is highly combustible and large amounts of coal can be obtained from the roots.