Pla de la fageda

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We are around the 1,450m altitude. It is the transition zone between the montane dwelling of the deciduous forest and the red pine, with the subalpine wood of a black pine forest. It is here that the beech and the fir tree can appear (you see a large isolated tree?) This beech tree-lined forest is sprinkled with fir trees, which are difficult to find at the lower levels of the municipality.
In the array of red pine trees sprinkled with fir trees and beech trees, they are accompanied by other trees such as whitebeam, willow, aspen and birches of white bark. Of course, neither the hazelnut is missing, here with some pretty old ones.
With the spruce oil, which until recently was found in pharmacies, a cataplasm was mixed with hot liquid wax that was used for chronic cough, rheumatic pain and lower back pain and also to facilitate the suppuration of furuncles . Young and tender shoots are added to the salad with lemon flavor; also to aromatize fish dishes.