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Arenys de Munt, lots of life

Arenys de Munt is a village Located in the interior of the Maresme, which owes its personality to the Stream that crosses it and concentrates a lot of commerce and life around it. Surrounded by the Parc del Montnegre and the Corredor, and near the sea, the village is surrounded by a natural environment to get lost both walking or by bicycle.

The relief of the municipality, formed by the last foothills of the Littoral Mountain Range, is mountainous. We find very old, intensely eroded granites that have shaped a landscape of rounded, low-rise forms. The flat areas are scarce and are limited to the low parts near the stream and to the final stretches of the mountain ranges. This geographical configuration of the area has fully conditioned the type and intensity of agricultural activity, as well as the areas where urbanization has been developed.

The real protagonist is, however, “La Riera” (The Stream). Sandy bed and sandy dam that constitutes the backbone of this population. The stream basin represents a very peculiar geographic unit that, as a small valley, opens its arms to the sea. The vegetation of our counties is formed by pine groves and holm oaks, transformed by human action. The old natural vegetation has practically disappeared and small redoubts are conserved in the oak groves more embedded in the shades of the “Tres Turons” (Three Hills) and the “Parent Rost”.

The landscape on the sunny side presents a cliff of pine trees with dense undergrowth and fragmented forests of cork oak. Between the green mottled pinewood, we find numerous shrubs. The shades are composed by a vegetation of holm oaks with a rich undergrowth of heathers, steppes, honeysuckle, Bethlehem cherry trees, and haerere. We also find oaks and chestnut trees in the most humid areas. As a result of the streams and torrents the shore forest appears, alternating with plantations of banana trees, poplars, and robins.

Nature and the landscape create the pause of the visit to Arenys de Munt. A natural heritage that relies the main protagonism in the Parc del Montnegre and the Corredor. Moreover, the whole town is nature and a network of itineraries that overlook details and natural hiding places.


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City Hall
Local Police
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Primary Care Center
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Farmàcia Mias
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Farmàcia Rosario Pizarro
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Information Parc Montnegre - Corredor
93 116 00 30
Bus Martí Colomer
93 795 12 54
Taxi Sergi
677 50 16 36
Taxi Ramon Andreu
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What to see in: Arenys de Munt

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